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Universal Transport supports Christmas parcel convoy 2018

Christmas is a celebration of joy – but in Eastern Europe, many people hardly have the money for the bare essentials. Here, the initiative “Children help children”, which collects parcels for children and orphanages as well as institutions for the handicapped, comes in to help. This year, the heavy-duty specialist Universal Transport is helping to bring these surprises to the little ones with a Christmas convoy.

“We decided to donate two drivers, a truck and a trailer for a convoy for free this year instead of donating money. Because for many children in this region, gifts are often just a dream, “says Universal Transport CEO Holger Dechant, adding:” We want to do our best to ensure that children are happy there for Christmas too. ”

The parcels come from children from elementary schools and kindergartens in Germany, who pack their own toys, sweets and school supplies. These Christmas surprises are collected centrally and then brought to Eastern Europe by volunteers with the support of numerous donors. There they are handed out by the volunteers to children in need.

The initiative, launched in 2001, brings these Christmas gifts to orphanages and hospitals, facilities for the disabled, kindergartens and schools in the poorest, remote and rural regions of Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine. For many of the kids there, it’s the only gift they will get for Christmas.