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Gruber Logistics

Since the end of 2022, Universal Transport Group has joined Gruber Logistics.

Gruber Logistics is a logistics and transportation company that operates throughout Europe thanks to 60 branches. The Gruber family has been involved in transportation since 1936, when Josef Gruber, the company's founder, transported timber from the mountains of South Tyrol to the valley. Today, GRUBER Logistics is a very different entity that covers all needs in the value chain with regards to business-to-business relations, whether these relate to integrated logistics or transportation.

GRUBER Logistics is now in its third generation and has accomplished over time an important process of managerialization, becoming one of the industry's benchmarks in Europe for innovation in transport and logistics.

In particular, the company has defined its strategic path through the concepts of digitalization and sustainability perceiving them as  added value to be proposed to the market. Therefore, the company is highly investing in innovation regularly testing new technologies, designing solutions and actively participating in international research projects. This has been driving the company to a growing rate of 30% in the last two years.

New solutions for your challenges

Gruber Logistics and our Group have decided to create a common team and to design together a common vision. We both believe on a logistics focused on customers’ needs, the ones that must be faced daily and the ones that will come in the future.

We are strongly focused on a knowledge-based logistics where integrating different competences and know how generates new solutions.

In our history we have always considered our work as a constant challenge. There is no transport that we cannot handle when we talk about overloaded and oversized transports. However, by joining Gruber Logistics, we have taken on a new challenge. The opportunity to offer solutions to support integrated services all along a B2B logistics chain.

With the passion and commitment, that have always characterized our work, we are inviting you to check our new services and to open new opportunities of cooperation.