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Heavy-Good Logistic Center

Your advantage: our infrastructure

Our facility in Nuremberg is positioned at the Bavarian harbour of Nuremberg where Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH operates a heavy goods logistic centre. Here we can offer a secure and fenced-in storage facility of more than 12.000 sqm with a surface strength of up to 30 tons / sqm. Further storage options within the free-trade-zone of the harbor are also avaiable, thus we can provide most favourable conditions for storing high value and heavy goods.

There are three traffic options available to get to the tri-modal heavy-good-logistics-centre: by water, by road or by rail. The access road can accept up to 22.5 ton axle load. The roll on/roll off mooring area is built to hold up to 1.200 tons unit weight. The permanent availability of a strand jack system with an ultimate lifting capacity of 600 tons secures save handling of every heavy load. Lifting and loading equipment of various types are at our immediate disposal i.e. traversing strokes, lifting and spreader beams, sling gears and load distribution material. For secure and efficient loading and unloading.


Systematic Expansion

We are building a heavy cargo assembly hangar. The hangar is designed to hold two assembly-hall naves of 60 x 18 metres respectively one assembly-hall nave of 60 x 35 metres capacity.

Talking of capacity: our crane has a lifting capacity of no less than 2 x 150 tons and a combinable capacity of 300 tons.

The heavy cargo assembly hangar is temperature controlled up to category 2 (5 – 12 degrees centigrade) owing to the solid construction. Four generous sized gates guarantee the comfortable handling of any goods. Rail tracks with direct access into the hangar are intended. Offices as well as common rooms will provide the comfort of our new heavy cargo assembly hangar.

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