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With “Aktion Lichtblicke” into the drivers cabin

It is a long day, but this is what she wanted: be part of a heavy load transport. A dream came true for the winner of the campaign Lichtblicke, for which Universal Transport exclusively offered such an opportunity for auction at Christmas time.

At the beginning of the year it is all official: The lucky winner will be able to experience the heavy transport of a reconditioned tram from Duisburg to Aachen from close distance. When everyone  meets in Duisburg on a January morning, Frauke Wingerath explains her reasons why she had taken part in this auction. Her answer is quite simple, a friend works in a forwarding business, she says, and she has always been keen to find out more about this kind of work, and now she is here to be a part in it.

First, a safety briefing is on the program in Duisburg – including fitting the safety shoes and the safety vest. Then Ms. Wingerath can start asking the driver all her questions. He explains what will happen to the “Team Lichtblicke”  in the next few hours step by step. In the afternoon, Ms. Wingerath then has the chance at Universal Transports headquarter in Paderborn to ask her questions after a detailed tour of the premises and will learn what is important for a good transport – from the logistics to the permit process to the choice of the right technology.

After  dinner in the Roadhouse, they are making their way back to Duisburg around 18.30. When looking at the truck and escort  vehicles the adrenaline level visible increases by now. Once the police arrive, there are a few final adjustments before the transport can start at 22:00 o’ clock. Ms. Wingerath sits in the driver’s cab – at first speechless. After some time, she’s showing her excitement and enjoys the 3 and half hour’s journey.

The heavy transport runs as planned and all hurdles are mastered. At 01:30 clock everything is done finally. An indescribable feeling, says Ms. Wingerath beaming with joy, the experience has been worthwhile. Before she makes her way back to Duisburg, she thanks everyone involved and says a big dream came true tonight.