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May 2018 – High honor: invitation to Iran

The Iran Transportation & Logistics Forum took place in Tehran at the end of last year.  Universal Transport was also invited as a contributor in the capital by the local Ministry of Transport. For the heavy load expert, Ergin Büyükbayram, branch manager of the Turkish national company in Istanbul, spoke to the audience about sharing his forwarding experience in the Middle East. His speech was titled “Project Logistics – Strategies for the Supply Chain.”

Even though the Iran and the western countries don’t always agree on the political level, the Islamic Republic needs many imports for its economic development and private consumption. They are counting on a diplomatic solution on the political level.

For the realization of large-scale transports, not least for infrastructure projects, it is necessary to clarify a wide variety of questions – from import restrictions to the available vehicle fleet equipment and customs formalities to the payment processing.

Ergin Büyükbayram used the forum to present the expertise of Universal Transport and to expand its network in the 78 million-inhabitant state. In a difficult environment, where many ministries and regional offices have competencies – for example, in permit matters – a precise preparation is required for a high-quality service and security of supply. With increased awareness of the company, achieved through such on-site visits, experts with their know-how will certainly be more likely to be involved in projects in the future, contributing to their success from a logistical perspective.