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August 2016 – Interview

Interview with Mr. Frank Schütt, operative supervisor at Universal Transport

In April 2016 auxiliary policemen took over the escort of large- and heavy goods transports in Lower Saxony. More than every fifth trained auxiliary policeman comes from Universal Transport from Paderborn.

Mr. Schütt, you are responsible for coordinating the auxiliary police force and operation of BF4 escort vehicles. What is your experience with these operations so far?

The result so far is positive. Cooperation with the police works very well and we are happy to take some strain of the policemen and –women in Lower Saxony. Or customers also profit as we can now provide a much more stringent timetable. When the police itself were escorting a transport everything could come to a standstill while the policemen and –women were called off to more pressing matters. 

BF4 Escort Vehicles are also used in operations involving the auxiliary police force. What are the benefits?

The front of every large- and heavy goods transport is secured by a BF4 vehicle. A modern 360 degree swap body signalling attachment is mounted on all BF4-vehicles; a number of know traffic signs can be signalled from the attachment announcing the arrival of a large- and heavy goods transport to oncoming traffic. The signals are very prominent as the lighting is provided by extremely bright and durable LEDs. 

Do you see any need for further action?

In my opion standardised training and qualifications for auxiliary policing have to be agreed on very soon. Otherwise each county will decide on different regulations which would make the transport across several counties complicated. In order to share our current know-how we as Universal Transport Group will participate in as many pilot projects as possible.