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Different countries, different traditions: Russia

In our new series “different countries, different traditions”, we introduce you to the employees of our branches around the world. We talk about customs and values, what makes their country or region special and what we can learn from them. It starts with Regina Murakaeva (36 years old), who has been working as a tender specialist at Züst & Bachmeier Project in Moscow since September 2020.

Ms. Murakaeva, what are Russia’s values?

“Family and tradition are particularly important. Even the neighbours should not be absent from any family celebration. Even if individuality is becoming increasingly important in the younger generation, Russians are generally very sociable. This can also be transferred to work: The team comes first here.”

Which festival is particularly important in Russia?

“The biggest festival is New Year’s Eve. Everyone has ten days off to visit family and friends. Christmas Eve is traditionally celebrated on January 6th, because, unlike in other countries, we still celebrate Christmas in Russia according to the old Julian calendar. “

How is business done in Russia?

“The most important foundation is trust and that can only be achieved if you meet in person. For interlocutors from other countries, it can also be irritating that at the beginning of a business relationship in Russia there is usually little or no smile at all, this is a sign of seriousness here. “

Punctuality is a typical “German virtue” – how about that in Russia?

“Delays are not uncommon here. Time is understood as flowing. You make plans, but you can change them again. Russians are more relaxed. Things can also wait until the last moment. “

Is Russia a hierarchical country?

“Yes, hierarchy is important here. The superior decides. That is what is expected of him. In addition, he is always informed about everything. Independent decisions are rather rare. “

What else is “typically Russian”?

“The bill in a restaurant is never split. One person always takes the bill. That is part of good form. The image is also especially important. Everything has to look good from the outside, the inside doesn’t matter at first. “