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1000 Euro for a good cause: “Aktion Lichtblicke”

Being part, when loads of more than 100 tons and over 50 meters are brought to their destination with millimetre precision, is a dream for many. For Frauke, this dream will come true. She is the winner of an auction “ Be part of a heavy load transport” – a price that the Paderborn heavy-duty specialist has donated exclusively to this great charity.

In favour of the campaign Lichtblicke e.V., Universal Transport has offered such a unique experience on for auction. And the interest was great: a total of 89 bids were made, but there could only be one winner. Numerous interested parties wanted to accompany a heavy transport to see what happens behind the scenes and how much is involved with such a special transport.

The closing bid was 444.44 euros and was increased by Universal Transport by a donation of 555.56 euros to reach the 1000.00 euros mark. The money goes to “Aktion Lichtblicke e.V”, which was founded in 1998 and supports children, adolescents and their families throughout North Rhine-Westphalia who have become financially or mentally in need. The campaign was brought to life by the 45 NRW local radio stations, the framework program radio NRW, the Caritas associations of the five NRW dioceses and the Diakonie Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe.

“We want to support social projects and “Lichtblicke” helps children and families in need. With this  exclusively provided prize we can contribute to a great cause which is for the region as well explains Holger Dechant the Managing Director of Universal Transport.