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Universal Transport brings Energy Transition to the South of Germany

Wind turbine plants are no longer just being built in coastal regions with their constant supply of wind. These days also areas in the south become attractive due to constant technical development. Our branch in Straubing (Bavaria) has recently supplied two wind turbine plants with well over 220 components.

Over a period of six weeks ships arrived weekly at the Straubing Port to deliver wind turbine components for the gigantic building project. The so called concrete formwork components are used to build the tower. The heaviest of these concrete components weighs in at 52 Tons and has a five metre width. Each ship delivered an average of 40 of these concrete formwork components to the port on the Danube.

Apart from the existing dockside cranes a 350 Ton mobile crane unit was used for handling the cargo. The concrete components were temporarily stored in a 6000qm field and then loaded onto a low bed trailer. 

Due to a very tight schedule on the building sites up to 10 transport vehicles travelled between the port and the wind turbine plant construction site. The last concrete formwork components were delivered at the end of June.