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Trimodal on the road: Russian railways for Alexandria

The transport of a railway carriage covered more than 5,000 kilometres from the plant in the central Russian city of Tver to its destination Alexandria. More transports to the Egyptian metropolis are to follow. Responsible for this trimodal transport for Russia´s biggest railway producer, was our team from Züst & Bachmeier.

The project cargo specialist of the Universal Transport Group chose a trimodal transport chain. The first stage was carried out in December 2019 by truck from Tver to Szolnok in Hungary. There, the carriage stopped over for several weeks to be thoroughly tested by a Hungarian railway company. At the end of February, the transport continued by rail. After four days, the railway carriage – with dimensions of around 24.6 metres in length, 2.8 metres width and 4.5 metres height, including the bogie- reached the seaport of Koper in Slovenia. The crossing to Alexandria, Egypt took another eleven days.

To ensure a safe loading in the port of Koper and unloading in Alexandria, special gripping devices had to be made. At the end of March, after nearly 4 months on the road, the 48-ton wagon could be handed over to our customer “Egyptian National Railways” , as planned and in the presence of representatives from the Egyptian Ministry of Transport.

Anton Mikhaylov, Dispatcher, Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH: “Thanks to the most precise planning and our experience in handling multimodal transports, the transhipment to the various modes of transport in Russia, Hungary, Slovenia and finally Egypt went smoothly.

We have worked closely with the Group’s international offices. Great cooperation and team spirit of the St. Petersburg branch of Züst & Bachmeier under the direction of Mr. Karpov has enabled us to develop a comprehensive transport concept to finalise this special transport. Colleagues in Russia measured the wagon in the workshop and checked all necessary procedures on site on the day of collection. Our colleague Mr Dahshan from Universal Transport Egypt took over the complete handling at the port of Alexandria.”