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November 2017 – Power plant transport with combined forces

Heavy goods transport is our daily business, but every project is a new challenge.

The supreme discipline is multimodal transports across national borders. Our colleagues at Züst & Bachmeier in Nürnberg were entrusted with the demanding task of transporting components for a gas and steam power plant from Germany, India and China to Turkey. The Universal Transport site in Hamburg supported the forwarding by truck from the delivery plants to the Port of Hamburg.

It was a true Herculean task for all those involved, after all, unit weights of up to 330 tons (generator) had to be brought to the port. In addition, a gas turbine with a unit weight of 315 tons and two steam turbines with unit weights of 150 tons each were transported. 

Among other things, the “Jumbo Kinetic”, one of the world’s most efficient heavy-lift vessels, was ready for the shipment of the major components. Further smaller components were shipped from China and India.

In each case of those components was the goal of the port in southern Turkey Antalya.

Our colleagues from the Istanbul branch supported the coordination and handling. A total of 7,500 freight tons were moved over a project period of five months.