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December 2017 – Signals used to turn green more often

For more than six decades, Universal Transport has been handling a variety of transport orders for its customers. Based on an initiative of André Michels’, son of Heinrich Michels from the company founder couple, the portfolio of the company with a focus on concrete logistics at the beginning of the 1970s extended to offers in the heavy goods business. An area that Universal Transport has continuously expanded since these days and especially since the turn of the century.

Gerd Wesenberg has been with the company for the past 25 years. The professional driver, who has been working for the company since 1992, can compare the situation of the industry with his memories at the turn of the year 2017/18. And, of course, he has a few stories to tell.

“For one transport, we were at a large intersection, where the traffic management for the transport had to be changed and a police officer was there to help. Suddenly he was looking for his service weapon, which he certainly cannot loose, as it could end up in the hands of strangers. Probably it had slipped out of his holder at the intersection without him noticing it. Fortunately, he found the weapon after some time in the middle of the intersection with no harm done, “said Gerd Wesenberg.


Gerd, who has his service anniversary this year, recalls wistfully to a better infrastructure for his job in Germany: “Most bridges could still be passed without problems. That spared many detours, we must take today. I would like to see that the roads, the bridges and the crossroads are being restored for our special mode of transport. “