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For an automobile manufacturer north of Munich the Universal Transport Team from Bamberg has handled a large order in mid-april. The elements to be transported were in total four steel chimneys, which had to be transferred from the manufacturer in Middle Franconia to Munich.

Since the direct way of about 85 kilometres was not accessible due to the measures of the transport, a route about 30 kilometres longer was chosen. Thereby, the largest vehicle combination had a length of 42 metres, a breadth of 4 metres, a height of 4.5 metres, and weighed 90 tons. For the transport of the three largest chimneys in each case vessel bridges were employed. The barrier-free drive, escorted by sign and mounting vehicles as well as escort vehicles, was preceded by an intense planning and preparatory phase of twelve weeks. That way the transport could be executed within one night in one single drive.

A further similar transport was processed by the Bamberg subsidiary about one month later. This time, however, the distance amounted to more than 450 kilometres. Two steel chimneys were to be transported from Middle Franconia to Saxonian Bautzen. An exemption issued by Bavarian authorities allowing a departure at 7 pm ensured that the two chimneys reached their destination within one night of transport. For the transport of the two chimneys a vessel bridge and an extendable trailer were employed. The transport in total measured 48 metres in length, with a breadth of 3,5 metres and a height of 4,5 metres.