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March 2017 – Gas container to Norway

Due to the high level of pollution caused by seagoing vessels, more and more marine protection zones are currently being established worldwide. In these so-called SECA zones (Sulphur Emission Control Area), the emission of sulphur and sulphur oxides are supposed to be cut down by seagoing vessels. One way to reduce these emissions is the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel. For this reason, more LNG filling stations are needed for seagoing vessels.Universal Transport has now transferred a gas container for such a filling-station to Mosjøen in Norway. 

The transport started in the Czech Republic Decin.  On a Friday evening, the 54 meters long, 6 meters-wide and 6, 35 meters high LNG-vessel set off from the German Czech border town on an approximately 2.000 kilometres’ journey. The colossus of 230 tons had to be transported from the business premises to the port of a city directly by the river Elbe. 

However, the preparations for this relatively short distance transport took several weeks. It was necessary to identify difficult areas in advance and to establish contact with all relevant authorities.These preparations ensure a complete secure transport.

Prior to transport, the LNG container was lifted onto a 4 axle-semi-truck with two trailers each with 11axle. Around 22:00 o’clock, the loaded truck made its way to the Elbe. This transport was supported by a further 4-axle tow truck. In addition to the usual police and support vehicles, the transport was also pursued by numerous curious onlookers. After a three-hour drive, which required a lot of skills from the driver, the vessel reached the port edge safely. Two crawler cranes were ready for loading. The next morning the container was loaded onto the inland water vessel, which has arrived in the meantime. The ship made its way to the north across the Elbe. 

Click here for the transport video.