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May 2018 – Push boat on the way – and not in the water

Where once was the lignite mining Skado, the “Partwitzer” lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Saxony today. A small corner of the 134 million cubic meters of water is still part of the neighboring state of Brandenburg. From there, more precisely from Welzow, Universal Transport transported the push boat “Klara” and two barges to the area of ​​use at the end of March. The push boat of the Central German mining management company was stored in the hangar of the airfield of Welzow, protected from the wintery weather conditions.

After four weeks of planning, which had to deal with the height of 5.20 meters  for the total of 100 tons of the shipping troika in the route organization, in the spring the three semi low beds of Universal Transport could set in motion to the shore of the Partwitz lake. After arrival of the “Klara”, which arrived later due to necessary repairs in the winter quarters, the crane work could start. Subsequently, the pusher and the two barges, whose crew neutralize the acidic waters with a lime solution, were able to fulfill their important task for the lake’s ecosystem.