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June 2016 – Not even a cigarette paper would fit in between

The transport of components of wind power plants – especially the ever longer rotor blades – always goes along with intense preparation. In this spring already the expansive planning of all traffic-management measures for the transport of three wind power plants to the Ingolstadt region started.

Before the planning a feasibility study had been made the year before. This was required since the route to the future wind park led through numerous small towns and villages.

The result: The direct way is the most suitable. One finding that rather represents the exception in the heavy load transport sector. However, the route contained a particular challenge for Universal Transport. In a village near Riedheim the route turned into a 90-degree S-curve, which complicated the transport of the nine rotor blades.

In May this year the delivery of the first of three wind power plants started. Two weeks later the components of the other plants followed according to the time schedule of the customer. The sequence of deliveries of the customer laid down that the hubs, nacelles and tower segments were to arrive one day before the arrival of the rotor blades. For this project a total of more than thirty oversized and heavy load transports as well as numerous standard lorries for installation accessories and small components were required.

The wind power plants were mounted by means of cranes, except for the rotor blades, since the ground provided very little space.