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June 2016 – Hydraulic pile hammer for offshore wind park

In April the Team of the Universal Transport subsidiary in Hamburg has transported parts for a Hydraulic pile hammer from Lower Saxony to the Hanseatic city for a major client from the Hamburg region.

In Lower Saxon Osnabruck a pile guide consisting of a top and a bottom part was constructed for the giant weighing 580 tons. The larger of both parts had a diameter of nearly 7.60 metres and a weight of more than 37 tons.

Both pile guide elements were transported in a convoy to the port of Osnabruck within one night using waiting Universal Transport lorries. The next day the freight was loaded onto an inland-going vessel by means of a 200-ton telescopic crane. After three days the vessel arrived in Hamburg where the hammer was finally assembled with the arriving components. The subsequent transport to Rotterdam was executed by coaster.

After successful loading onto the installation ship the hydraulic hammer will be employed for driving mono pile foundations of the offshore wind park „Burbo Banks“.