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July 2017 – Control: corporate activity clearly presentable

There are areas in life where the gut instinct should keep the upper hand or be sufficient. In corporate management, based on business management data, up-to-date and reliable information are essential, to make the right decisions.

Universal Transport has set up a controlling system that can consider the most varied factors for the current assessment of business activity. From the exact consideration of the orders, from the status of towing vehicles and trailers to the presentation of the individual department up to the analysis of the entire company, differentiated reports can be generated at the push of a button. Once started with the sole issue of profit and loss accounts, more than 100 different types of reports are currently creatable.

Depending on the access authorization, the individual aspects of business activities can be displayed in a PDF document at any time. Based on this reliable information, which is used in dialogue with customers, suppliers and banks, it is hereby possible to make directional and case to case decisions based on facts. The business risks are hereby reduced as the advantages and disadvantages of a decision can be more systematically examined than in the past.