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July 2017 – Tracking: Track & Trace Deluxe

Everyone who received a tracking number from his online retailer, his KEP service provider or from the Deutsche Post knows the situation when your informed about the status of the shipment. “Shipment has left the distribution centre”, the annoying message “Possible delay in the delivery due to misallocation” and, of course, the relieving message “consignment was delivered” are exemplary for this service.

We go a little further at Universal Transport and offer our customers not only a description of the status, but also an exact indication of the geographical position of the goods. The client does not even have to register or know the order number. By using a specially selected reference number, he can inform himself at any time about the location of his shipment.

Further expansion stages have already been added or will be available soon. If the customer is registered, he can not only see a single shipment, but at a glance all goods transported by Universal Transport for him. In this way, he can iniate his next steps based on this information.