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July 2017 – Interview

Mr. Kolodziej, you are responsible for IT at Universal Transport?

Please tell us something about your career. I completed a degree in business informatics in Katowice, Poland and in Paderborn.
I used to work as a computer manager for a large package service provider and afterwards for a software company in the departments of development and international project management. In 2004, I helped develop a “mobile office”, which was awarded with an innovation prize at the Cebit event.

Exactly 10 years ago (June 2007), I decided to use my know-how for the transport and logistics sector at Universal Transport. I didn´t want to develop software for sale no longer, but actively contribute to the efficiency enhancement of a company and to shape processes. At first I was responsible as an IT coordinator for the networking of our branches; meanwhile I am the head of our IT department. My team and I are responsible for all IT matters and for the support for the entire company and for all colleagues of Universal Transport. We have also developed “heavyNet” which is our own internal software.  


What is “heavyNet”? 

The software, developed by our team of programmers, is used at all our branches, in all departments, to simplify and synchronize daily business. We started small with an address database and the disposition and afterwards we expanded the software for the use of more and more areas in different departments. The feedback of the people who work with this tool every day with regard to the practical application of the software is very important.We take this feedback into account in the development and the almost monthly updates of “heavyNet”.

The involvement of the employees is also conducive to the acceptance of the new system. If the employees worked with a different system for the past 20 years, the acceptance of a new system is not always immediately apparent. Therefore, we are increasingly focusing on presentations and training – in the form of webinars, that can be easily integrate into their daily work. This is especially important when integrating new branches and companies. 


How can we imagine the practical advantages of “heavyNet”? 

The software not only facilitates our internal work, but also communicates with our customers. For example they can track online where their goods are currently. This is particularly interesting for international transports and long distance transports. For this purpose, the customer only has to enter his reference number on our website and will receive the current location of his goods, as well as all relevant information about the transport.

For the drivers we developed an app for mobile phones and tablets. This enables communication with the dispatcher, provides a clear overview of all the job information and permits and even includes a tool for the navigation. In addition, it documents rest and driving times.In summary, “heavyNet” is an innovative software, that is so far unique in this form.

Of course, there are costs associated with the development and implementation, but in the medium and long term, great efficiency increases and thus also cost reductions, which we can also pass on to the customer.