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July 2017 – Operation: Own app for truck drivers

The worldwide triumph of smartphones and tablets is due to the granting of mobile access to the Internet as well as the effortless handling of the software applications installed on it. We have also followed this trend at Universal Transport. With our driver app, which has almost all the functions of our central IT tool “heavyNet”, platform and device independent, the next steps can be called up, planed and coordinated.

The drivers are supported in their communication with the disposition, and those data already entered into the system for the individual transport orders are always available. Through this, multiple input of information such as the delivery number or the weight of the shipment is unnecessary. The app can not only be used for truck drivers from Universal Transport but also by their colleagues from partner companies cooperating with us.

The field of possibilities offered by the app is far from exhausted. Universal Transport’s IT is working on concepts that significantly expand the scope of the software application. One of the goals is the presentation of the quality requirements, the expense report and holiday planning.