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April 2016 – Transformer project with 25.000 freight tonnes delivered to Kuwait

The heavy load specialists of Universal Transport are known for mastering even the largest and most difficult transports.

Since the beginning of the year 2016 the Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH (Z&B) is also a member of the Universal Transport Family. On executing an international transport Z&B provided impressive proof of its skills.

The order dealt with an overseas project, which was scheduled for the transport of a total of 25 transformers plus accessories from Europe to Kuwait. From the port of Antwerp it went into the Persian Gulf. Prior eight transformers with a weight of 210 tons each had to find the way from their manufacturing site in the Siebengebirge in the south of Bonn to Antwerp. Hence, each single transformer weighed approximately as much as 35 adult elephants. This heavy-weight pre- run was executed sovereignly and professionally by the Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH per heavy load lorry.

In Antwerp 17 further transformers, with unit weights between 45 and 80 tons, had been shipped previously. Along with all installation accessories the total weight of the project load amounted to  25.000 freight tonnes and the The project was carried out over a period of six months. After a sea voyage of nearly 45 days the transformers finally reached the Arabian Peninsula.

The post-run into the hinterland was handled by Züst & Bachmeier as well. At the construction site 100 kilometres distant from the port of Kuwait the company also took over the task of professionally settling the transformers onto provided foundations.