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An interview with Boguslaw Bogdanczykow, professional trucker working for Universal Transport

Mr. Bogdanczykow how long have you worked as a professional trucker?

Since 1999, for 17 years altogether now. In the beginning I drove standard tarpaulin covered trucks allover Europe. In the last few years however with growing experience the vehicle combination also grew. For about the last ten years I have been driving self propelled trailers. Since the summer 2013 I drive the current vehicle combination consisting of a MAN TGX 41.540 8×4 truck with a a 5-axle self propeled trailer by NBT (plus sometimes an additional 3-axle dolly).


What is so special about your job?

With my current vehicle combination I drive mainly very large and heavy goods. Amongst these are concrete and reinforced concrete parts with a length of up to 40 metres and more. You need a lot of finesse driving things like that through villages, towns and cities. What makes my job special is that the drivers play an important role within the different transport projects. Indirectly I played part in building football stadiums, wind turbine plants, logistic workshops or even bridges for game animals.


540 PS are under the bonnet of your truck – but what do you find in the drivers cap of your semitrailer?

You’ll find a lot of special equipment, least of all because the drivers cap is almost like my second sitting room. A lot has been done in the last few years starting with the air condition and technical equipment all the way through to comfort. Like the spacious sleeping quarter with an XXL bed. I also put down a carpet and built some further storage shelves myself.