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A Multi-Modal Transport of two Containers that seal in Heat to Astrachan

From South Brandenburg to South-West-Russia – this is the route that two containers that seal in heat took with the help of our Universal Transport dependencies of Cologne and St Petersburg. 

The journey to the Russian region of Astrachan, on the border to Kazakhstan, began round 100 km south of Berlin. Each container was around nine metres long, had a width of four metres and weight in at 45 tons.

After loading onto a semi lowloader the first leg to the North Sea port of Kiel was completed within two nights of transport. Additional building material and components were also brought to Kiel by tarpaulin covered trucks. On arrival at the port the containers were loaded onto the ship.

At the port of destination St. Petersburg both containers and additional material was prepared for further travel on the road. Responsible for the longest leg on the road was our St. Petersburg dependency. From north to south – this journey took more than 2000km, took several days and was successfully completed.