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Security partner of the BMVI

Universal Transport gets involved in the ” Turn-off Assistant campaign”

The Paderborn-based heavy goods specialist Universal Transport is the official security partner of the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI). As part of the “Turn-off campaign”, the company committed to equip new vehicles in its fleet with the technical assistance system before the mandatory EU launch date. On the 17th of July, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer presented the certificate as a security partner to Holger Dechant in Berlin.

“Safety in road traffic and especially the topic ‘blind spot’ is a big concern for us every day as a heavy goods logistics specialists. We are already very active here and equip our fleet with the most modern safety systems,” says Holger Dechant. “In the event of an accident, there are always at least two victims, regardless of the actual question of guilt. The professional driver does not want to get into this situation either. We support the ‘campaign Turn-off Assistant’ of the Ministry of Transport and therefore underline our commitment to avoid turning accidents due to the ‘blind spot’.”

In the future, as a new safety partner, Universal Transport will  only select new vehicles equipped with an additional turn assistant. The fleet is not only used  in Germany, but also in cross-border traffic and at the group’s international locations, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Egypt. “Wherever we travel with our fleet, we will equip our new vehicles with turn-off assistants. Because the ‘blind spot’ is everywhere,” says Holger Dechant.

In addition, the Paderborn-based company repeatedly explains in schools and primary schools in the region around Paderborn, as well as throughout Germany and even abroad, the dangers of road traffic lurking due to the limited visibility of professional drivers – and not only in theory. For the practical part of the demonstrations, Universal Transport brings one of its heavy-duty trucks. The children can then find out for themselves in which area they cannot see people despite the large exterior mirrors.

“With this we can show the dangers but also the right behaviour in road traffic. Coupled with the assistance systems used in the future, many accidents can be avoided in the first place,” says Holger Dechant.