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July 2017 – Data transmission: Automatisms save time

Why should data already existing electronically at the company or at the customer, be reentered again? It is time consuming! There is no need for such a step, if the company’s own IT can implement this information to all parties involved in a transport contract.

To ensure this, we need the appropriate data interfaces at “heavyNet”. There are currently 14 export and 12 import interfaces, which are based on the most common formats CSV and XLM. They allow fast data transfer between clients and service providers and the respective departments. Since “heavyNet” is a proprietary development, new data interfaces for data formats that have not yet been covered, can also be created flexibly and cost-effectively.

At the moment, only a few customers are already transmitting their order data by file. In the transition to this form, however, there is a lot of potential in the daily delivery of an average of 750 consignments, with regard to the saving of several identical work steps during data entry. At the same time, the accounting department can also be automated, if all the parameters of the order are digital.

The time gained by the automation, can then be incorporated into an improved service, as well as a powerful disposition.