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March 2017 – Interview

Interview with Walter Niederländer from Züst & Bachmeier branch in Nürnberg.

Mr Niederländer, you joined Züst & Bachmeier Project GmbH in January this year. Please tell us a little bit more about your previous background.

I started my professional career path in 1982 with a traditional commercial apprenticeship in the haulage business in a big international logistics firm. After qualifying, I carried on working there in the project cargo department. In 2000, I moved to the haulage company Kühne & Nagel. As a manager of the competence centre GUS/central Asia I was responsible for the truck and train(rail) projects. Ten years later I returned to my initial employer and took over the management for the branch in Nürnberg. Within this time, I had also completed studies alongside work in logistic managements in St Gallen, Switzerland. Following this, I spent 2 years in a Russian haulage company which brought me to Züst & Bachmeier in 2017. Here I would like to share my 25-years of experience and contacts.

Why did you come to Züst und Bachmeier?

Züst  & Bachmeier has an excellent reputation in this field. The international know-how of Züst & Bachmeier has been a crucial point in my decision, as my focus has been in the East European, Russian and central Asian direction for several years. The combination with the Universal Transports own fleet and the Züst & Bachmeier as logistics haulage company is unique. With this we can offer our clients the best possible service under one roof. Furthermore, the decision process is a lot shorter than in any other company I have worked with so far, which makes us much more flexible.

What is your responsibility in the Nürnberg branch of Züst & Bachmeier?

My field is business development and the further development of our interests in eastern Europe, Russia and central Asia. My focus is machinery and plant engineering. Sometimes the project execution takes months or even years. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to assist the client from the early stages  to support them with  the project step by step.  Nevertheless, from contract agreement to the delivery of the first parts it can take a long time. Our focus here obviously lies in the big and heavy haulage. But for every big heavy transport there is need for the so called general cargo. Smaller goods, which won’t need special trucks. From container to the 400-ton transformer, we can do it all. In the port of Nürnberg Züst & Bachmeier has its own haulage logistics department, where goods can be loaded on to a barge. The lifting system there can lift up to 600 tons.

What fascinates you about your profession ‘?

Project haulage is an unbelievably exciting matter. Every project is unique. With every new job, every new client and the involved country you must readjust. There is no strict scheme , there has to be a solution for every task given. Furthermore, it’s interesting to play a part in a big project from beginning up to completion.

Is there any specific project you have implemented in the first three months since being here or can you give us a forecast for future projects?

Recently we have been awarded a contract for the transport of a whole factory site. This will have to be transported from Spain to Bulgaria, starting at the beginning of April. The dismantling has started already and once this is finished, Züst & Bachmeier is taking over the project. The timeframe given is quiet demanding. The transport should be completed by end of May. But we are well prepared. We calculated for around 100 heavy load transports, this will all be organised from our branch in Nürnberg. A part of this transport is obviously done by ship trough the mediterrian sea, but a big part will be done by trucks. For this, we will mainly use the fleet of Universal Transport.

In the future, Iran will play a big part. Now the sanctions have been lifted, it’s important that the general conditions, like finance for companies are secured. Products “made in Germany” are high in demand in Iran. Now, there is only a few definite projects, but we are keeping an eye on the situation and are ready to go.